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It has been reported (in The ChristLast Media, I must note) that the current Pope does not like the phrase "lead us not into temptation...


"Let no freedom be allowed to novelty, because it is not fitting that any addition should be made to antiquity. Let not the clear faith and belief of our forefathers be fouled by any muddy admixture." -- Pope Sixtus III

Friday, January 12, 2018

Tonya Harding, feminist icon...Or, Hoperah 2020!

Before you praise the Hollyweird perverts too loudly for their blackout at the Golden Bolus awards, ask yourself why they gave Tonya Harding a standing ovation.

These elitist hypocritical shits are ALWAYS performing. They cannot be real decent people because inside of them there is nothing but self-loathing which can only be temporarily silenced by the sound of applause. If they didn't spread so much evil and hate, I would pity them.

BTW, kiddies,  if you believe that any of these heroes and heroines of yours didn't know Harvey Weinstein was raping his way through their ranks for decades, you just might be a dumbass.

And now, the star of EVERY show, Okra Whingefree!

Aha! Democrats and their Oprah moment - John Kass - Chicago Tribune

President Oprah Winfrey.


In ancient times, that’s what you may have said — if you were still alive — after being struck in the forehead by one of Zeus’ thunderbolts.

But now it’s what the Democratic Party is saying after they’ve had their Oprah “aha” moment.

Because after her presidential-ish speech at the Golden Globe Awards the other night — and please don’t play the fool and pretend it wasn’t a presidential-ish speech because it was — everything becomes clear.

And there is nothing, really, that the Democratic Party can do about it.

All Oprah needs to do is reach out her hand for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, as if it were a warm piece of White House pie.

It’s on her plate. It’s done.

Because if she is denied her pie — as reportedly happened during an awkward visit to the Obama White House — we may witness a disaster.

Oprah Winfrey is an expert when it comes to celebrity and marketing. And she’s an artistic genius when it comes to public feelings and public emoting.

So when she delivered that speech at the Golden Globes, so folksy, so stirring that Hollywood actors cried real tears and political journalists felt the tingles run down their legs once again, you knew it was her moment.

“For too long, women have not been heard or believed if they dare speak the truth to the power of those men,” Winfrey said to the crowd on national TV. “But their time is up. Their time is up.”

I’m not making light of her speech. It was a serious talk in prime time to a friendly audience, about racism and sexism and the sins of the past and her hope for the future. It was remarkable.

It was a speech of a smart woman testing the presidential waters.

But what’s even more remarkable than the speech is what bloomed afterward. The Democratic Media Complex is in love again.

They’ve been out in the cold so long, desperate to belong, and now they have their champion. It’s a beautiful thing, really.


President Donald Trump became president by bashing down the establishment gates. But the Democratic Media Complex, which at its core is establishmentarian, loathed him for it.

Trump threatened their seats at the banquet, their position as guardians of empire, but Oprah?

Pity. The rest of this makes sense. I guess he doesn't want to get audited by the IRS.

Oprah is their moveable feast. And they will open the gates wide for her.

NBC, obsequious as ever, did so by endorsing an Oprah presidential run on its verified Twitter account. “Nothing but respect for OUR future president,” it said.

Then NBC realized that an endorsement, even before Oprah asked for it, might suggest media bias. So NBC deleted the tweet, though obviously the love still throbs.

Actress Meryl Streep is the grande dame of Hollywood now. She loves Oprah.

Yes, Streep also once idolized sex harasser/assaulter and producer Harvey Weinstein, or at least she thought so highly of him that she once publicly declared he was “God.”

But Streep loves Oprah now.

“I want her to run for president,” Streep said.

Streep was clearly overwhelmed, as were many in the audience, wearing black, condemning men like Weinstein. And those photos of Oprah hugging Weinstein that circulated immediately afterward?

Or the fact that Hollywood is full of hypocrites who knew about Weinstein for years and said nothing and did nothing even while lecturing America about its lack of moral courage?

Don’t be such a hater. All such hate will be washed away in the waters of Oprah. She will heal them, she will cleanse them, and they will love for it.

Oprah is intrigued about the possibility of running for president, says her longtime friend Gayle King. She’d do it if the people want her to, said longtime partner Stedman Graham.

Even President Donald Trump once thought she’d make a great running mate, though now he says he can beat her. Don’t be so sure.

I’m sure it drives other Democrats crazy — the way Trump drove the establishment Republicans crazy — but that’s just the way the celebrity cookie crumbles.

The Democratic Party was once about ideas, about sound economic policy (even tax cuts) and anti-communism and the working man.
But conservative Democrats have been purged. The party now offers a leftist diet of open borders, social justice warriors and virulent anti-Trumpism.

It relies less on policy than on feelings and emotion. And all of it is set upon the party foundation of racial and gender identity politics.
Oprah is African-American. She’s a woman. She was raised a poor girl in Milwaukee and she made her own way and spent decades telling Americans about their feelings and emotions and made billions of dollars.

So who would take her down? Who would dare mock her? Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren and even creepy touchy-feely former Vice President Joe Biden wouldn’t dare.

And Kirsten Gillibrand, for whom Al Franken was subjected to ritual sacrifice on the altar of her presidential ambitions?
No way, Kirsten. Too bad, Al.

Andrew Cuomo? He can cry.

So to help soothe their sad feelings, I’ve come up with a new cocktail in honor of Oprah’s ascendancy.

You can call it Cuomo Tears on the Rocks or Kirsten’s Sobs.

Sanders Shrieks, Warren’s War Cry on Ice or Biden’s Fingertips on Your Wife’s Neck.

Or a Chilly Gillibrand with a Franken Swizzle.

It is a drink of equal parts bitters and broken dreams, shaken, not stirred.

They’ll smile and gulp it down and announce it’s the tastiest thing they’ve ever tried, if Oprah serves it to them. And they’ll say:

“Please, Oprah, may I have another?”

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

Yet more campaign lies you SUCKERS swallowed like $2 whores.

Legalizing foreign invaders? CHECK!

Putting Repansycan Party politics above the national interest? CHECK!

Feeding shit to the sheep and calling it caviar? CHECK!

Trump Calls For Immigration Overhaul, Including DACA : NPR

Trump also said that he was open to a larger measure overhauling immigration laws, but that it made the most sense to first settle the Obama-era Deferred Action On Childhood Arrivals, also known as DACA, issue. Authority allowing for the so-called DREAMers covered by the measure to remain in the country expires ...


Yeah, It's a Nationalist, all right. In a nation of One.

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

Girls are pedators too.

Even people with vaginas can be real shits.

Girls' JV basketball coach arrested on sexual assault charges ... - Fox43

DOVER, YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Police in York County arrest a girls' basketball coach on charges of institutional sexual assault, as well as unlawful contact and communication with a minor for sexual offenses.

Both charges are third degree felonies.

Dover Area High School's girls' junior varsity team is up against Northeastern High School Wednesday night, but they are without their coach.

The Dover Area School District recently suspended 23-year-old girls' JV basketball coach Aignee Freeland.

Now, she's been arrested on charges related to an alleged sexual relationship with one of her players, a 16-year-old girl.

York County Children's Advocacy Center executive director Deb Harrison is familiar with helping families through cases like this.

"These things always occur in a culture of secrecy, and teenagers are already secretive from their parents. So, really encouraging parents to find ways to be parents," Harrison said.

"Often the temptation with teenagers is we want to be their best friend, and encouraging parents to to step forward, and say 'I'm the parent here, and I need to see your phone, I need to know who you're texting, I need to know who you're in communication with,'" Harrison added.

Court documents state that Northern York County Regional Police received reports of a relationship between the coach and the student.

A police investigation found 18 video calls made, received or missed on the victim's phone on two dates in late December.

"The coach should be able to communicate with parents about what's going on. There shouldn't be a need to text a child," Harrison said.

Court documents state the victim told investigators that she and the coach first chatted through social media, then through phone calls or text.

The victim also stated that she would meet with her coach at various locations after practice, sit in her car and talk, and that coach Freeland would touch her sexually, all over her body.

Police said both coach Freeland and the victim knew this could get Freeland in trouble, and that they agreed to keep their relationship a secret.

Whether their alleged relationship was consensual, Freeland now faces third degree felony charges for contact with a minor, and institutional sexual assault.

"It has to do with being in a position where you are in some sense, a position of power over a child. As a coach you may see yourself as their friend, but you are their coach. You are in a position where you can make decisions that impact that child," Harrison said.

"In terms of culpability and responsibility, we would again, point to that adult, that's the difference, it's an adult and a child, so we would really look to that and say this is an inappropriate relationship," Harrison added.

Harrison recommends parents should ask about their child's school's communication policy between students and coaches.

Some coaches may or may not be completely clear on that policy.

"They need to understand the ethics of their role. They need to understand that they're in a leadership position, and the organization that they're connected to should be ensuring that rules and understanding is in place," Harrison said

Meanwhile, Dover Area High School administrators say they are cooperating with police during the investigation, and offering counseling to students.

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Fyodor has seen the future, and it is Venezuela.

The commie shits (today's theme, it seems) that rule the poor people of Venezuela might allow our brotherly love to infiltrate their socialist paradise as long as the hostages (Oops! I mean "citizens", of course.) agree to pretend their left-fascist dictatorship is okey-dokey with them. 

And you thought Faust's bargain was a rough one!

Maduro may allow food aid into Venezuela if ... - Miami Herald

Facing an explosive crisis, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is considering allowing international food donations to enter his country, but wants the opposition to recognize the legitimacy of the controversial National Constituent Assembly (NCA).

Maduro also wants to control the distribution of the food donations — so far denied entry by the government despite growing food shortages and looting — according to sources close to the situation.
The proposal has been under consideration during negotiations between the government and opposition this week in the Dominican Republic, said three sources. Two of the sources are diplomats who have been briefed on the conversations, and the third is an opposition official.

The sources agreed that the arrival of humanitarian aid and the legitimacy of the NCA are two of the key issues under negotiation behind closed doors. Also on the agenda are the U.S. sanctions on the Maduro government and early presidential elections.

But the legitimacy of the Constituent Assembly would be difficult for the opposition to accept. The umbrella Democratic Unity Roundtable — known as MUD — has repeatedly called it a fraud organized by Maduro to seize total and unchallenged control of the nation.

“Accepting the Constituent Assembly means surrendering the country. It is legitimizing the regime’s staying in power and driving the final nail into the casket of freedom in Venezuela,” said Diego Arias, a former Venezuelan ambassador to the United Nations who lives in New York.

Opposition leader Maria Corina Machado agreed. “Any decision taken in the Dominican Republic to accept [the NCA] or even ignore it would be absolutely unacceptable to us,” she said.

The Constituent Assembly is a fraudulent entity that could reverse any government decisions, including any agreement reached in the Dominican Republic, Machado added, by phone from Venezuela.

That’s why any agreement reached by the negotiators must start with the dismantling of the NCA, so that the final terms can be accepted by the Venezuelan people, Machado said.
The Maduro government disagrees, according to the sources.

The government would be willing to allow the entry of humanitarian aid from the World Food Program, a branch of the United Nations, in exchange for the opposition’s promise to stop challenging the NCA’s legitimacy, the sources said.

The government also would be willing to allow the opposition to appoint two members to the five-member National Electoral Council, according to the sources. The opposition now holds only one seat on the council.

Hoping to sweeten the deal, the government also has offered to release some political prisoners and agree to legally register some political parties previously abolished.

Opening the way for the food assistance might be initially portrayed as a victory for the opposition, whose popularity has been pummeled by its agreement to negotiate with the unpopular government.
But the arrival of the humanitarian aid would also resolve a serious problem for the government, which has been roundly criticized for economic policies that sparked the unprecedented food shortages.

Did you know Venezuela has more oil than Saudi Arabia?

“Right now, Maduro is desperate because of the food situation. The country is burning up with looting, and he understands that the situation could spin out of control,” said Esteban Gerbasi, a Miami political consultant.

But allowing the government to control the distribution of the food would clearly be very risky for the Venezuelans’ efforts to return to a democratic system of government.
“If they get control of the food and recognition of the NCA, they would go on to control everything. That would be very grave. With those two things, Maduro will be in a position to control the Venezuelan people,” said Gerbasi.

Government and opposition delegates met again Thursday in the Dominican Republic for a third round of negotiations amid a crisis marked by looting of supermarkets and thefts from delivery trucks.

Helping with the talks are former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and the foreign ministers of Chile and Mexico, invited by the opposition, and Bolivia, Nicaragua and St. Vincent and the Grenadines, invited by the Maduro government.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article194269574.html#storylink=cpy
TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article194269574.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article194269574.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article194269574.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/nation-world/world/americas/venezuela/article194269574.html#storylink=cpy

Germaine, we hardly knew ye.

Her dreams of world domination in tatters, her fake Catholicism exposed, the object of her lust indifferent to all but porn stars*, and her sewed-on armadillo penis non-functional, @GermaineGreerInDrag returns to her well-deserved obscurity and ever-fruitless masturbation.


Trump Lawyer Arranged $130000 Payment for Adult-Film Star's Silence

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

The Norwegians must be so proud.

President Shit-For-Brains opens his shit-hole and shits out another steaming pile of stable genius.

From The West Australian:

Donald Trump complains about immigrants from 's***hole countries ...

President Donald Trump asked participants in an Oval Office meeting Thursday why the United States should accept immigrants from “s***hole countries”in Africa, Central America and the Caribbean, according to two people briefed on the meeting.

“What do we want Haitians here for?”the president asked, according to the people briefed. “Why do we want all these people from Africa here? Why do we want all these people from s***hole countries”.

The president added: “We should have people from places like Norway”.

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Yet another promise the Orange Suck-Hole won't keep.

President Empty Threat (and empty pants) said he would cut off aid to every country that voted to condemn it's phantom move of our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem at the UN General Assembly. 

128 Jew-hating (or goat rapist-fearing) countries said the feckless fuck in the White (Racist.) House is nothing but blather.

I'm betting the Group Of 128
will get all of our tax money they were expecting.

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Friday, December 15, 2017


OMG, this is priceless! Commie stooge with a camera Morgan Spurlock confesses to being a serial sexual predator before the skeletons in his closet even get a chance to look up Gloria Allred's phone number!

Will his bold preemptive strike save what he thinks of as his career? Stay tuned kiddies!

From Washington's other other newspaper:

Morgan Spurlock steps down from his production company...

If SNL had any balls (or they weren't commies too) Spurlick's blog post would make a classic skit.

“Super Size Me” director Morgan Spurlock has stepped down from Warrior Poets, the New York-based production company he founded in 2004. The announcement came on Thursday, a day after he shared a confessional blog post admitting to his long history of sexual harassment.

Harassment? Says you. He sounds like a rapist to me. Or as the late Huge Hefner might call him, a "playboy".

“On behalf of Warrior Poets, (Hee-hee! "His gun's a pen.") we as partners have always supported our company and its endeavors. As of today, Morgan Spurlock will be stepping down effective immediately,” a spokeswoman for the company told The Washington Post in a statement on Thursday. No further explanation was offered.

Spurlock, who wrote that he “built a career on finding the truth,” (Oh, Margaret!) shared the detailed account of his misconduct stretching back to his college days in a post that he tweeted on Wednesday night with the note, “I am Part of the Problem.”

The message came just months after he sold his documentary “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!” to YouTube Red for $3.5 million, according to Deadline. Spurlock also has a forthcoming docu-series titled “Cultureshock” on A&E, set to premiere in 2018.

“As I sit around watching hero after hero, (Who, asshole? Franken? Conyers? Clinton? Roy Moore? What a fuckhead.) man after man, (Ha! Your definition of "man" leaves quite a bit to be desired.) fall at the realization of their past indiscretions, I don’t sit by and wonder ‘who will be next?’ ” he began. “I wonder, ‘when will they come for me?’ ”

He heard the fascist left's Black Mariah driving down his street and confessed like a Menshevik at a Stalinist show trial.

In the blog post, he chronicled his multiple infidelities, verbal sexual harassment in the workplace, battle with depression and decades-long struggle with alcohol abuse.

Booze and sadness makes him hurt girls. I see a future in Country music ahead.

“I can’t blindly act as though I didn’t somehow play a part in this,” Spurlock wrote about the sexual harassment epidemic in Hollywood. “Over my life, there have been many instances that parallel what we see every day in the news.”

To support this statement, he offered several examples of his sexual misconduct throughout the post, always punctuating the harrowing stories with a variation on the phrase “I am part of the problem.”

The first instance he divulged took place in college, when he had a one-night sexual encounter with a girl that he thought was consensual but she later referred to as “rape.”

After a night of drinking, the two went back to his room and “began fooling around,” but she pushed him off her. Still clothed, the two laid in bed for a while laughing and joking. Before long they were “fooling around” again, though this time they took off their clothes.

The girl, whom Spurlock didn’t name, said she didn’t want to have sex, but they eventually did anyway. During intercourse, the girl began crying. The two stopped having sex, and Spurlock tried comforting her.

“I thought I was doing ok, I believed she was feeling better. She believed she was raped,” Spurlock wrote, adding, “That’s why I’m part of the problem.”

Actually Morgan, your giant penis was too much for her. It isn't your fault.

Spurlock next recounted the behavior that led to him settling a sexual harassment allegation with a former female assistant.

He would often yell at her from across the office, using diminutive nicknames like “hot pants” and “sex pants,” which he thought were funny but later realized had “completely demeaned and belittled her to a place of non-existence.”

When his assistant quit, she told Spurlock that he had to pay her to remain silent about his consistent verbal sexual harassment, the director wrote.

“I paid for peace of mind. I paid for her silence and cooperation. Most of all, I paid so I could remain who I was,” Spurlock wrote.

A rich, lying, fascist douche-bag. Congrats. You'll always be that.

Spurlock then wrote that he has “been unfaithful to every wife and girlfriend” he’s ever had, adding that his hatred of this behavior “didn’t make me stop.”

That's how playboys find new girlfriends, right? Hello? Hasn't anybody heard of the Fuck-U-All Revolution? You know, girls want it just like guys so it's ok to fuck 'em like blow-up dolls and then throw them away. Anybody?

Musing on what spurred this pattern of infidelity, Spurlock wrote that he was sexually abused “as a boy and as a young man in my teens.” He told only his first wife about the abuse, “for fear of being seen as weak or less than a man.” He also wrote that he suffered from depression and has used alcohol to cope with the mental illness since he was 13 years old and that he hasn’t been “sober for more than a week in 30 years.”

Oh. Drunk, sad, abused, AND crazy. That and the fact he supports Planned Babykilling makes everything good.

Calling himself “someone who consistently hurts those closest to me,” he wrote that “I have helped create a world of disrespect through my own actions.”

He concluded the post by promising to “do better,” to “be better.” To begin, he wrote, “I’m going to be more honest with you and myself.”


The post received mixed reactions, because, as Andrea Mandell wrote in USA Today, “His motive remains unclear: Is Spurlock purely trying to take responsibility for his actions? Get ahead of new allegations? Preserve his reputation as a documentarian? Reassure investors, like those at CBS and A&E?”

One Twitter user said it is “brave to come forward.” Another thanked him for his “honestly and bravery.”

Many didn’t feel like he deserved any praise, however.

“Morgan Spurlock is not brave, he’s trying to get ahead of the story and give you a reason so when you hear about how garbage he is, you think of the reason,” comedian Peter Coffin wrote on Twitter.
One user called him “opportunistic.” Another said that despite his post, “he’s still bad and I want him to go away.”

TheChurchMilitant: Sometimes anti-social, but always anti-fascist since 2005.

#HimToo Update: Making me look more attractive since 2017.


I must admit this is really a lot of fun for those of us who revere women, because the left-fascist hypocrites driving this "movement" hate manly, decent, and honest gentlemen MORE than they hate the rapists and abusers. Oh, the irony!

Here's the latest from The Perv Wars front:

MeToo spotlight increasingly pointed at past Trump conduct - Washington's other other newspaper -

Donald Trump sailed past a raft of allegations of sexual misconduct in last year’s presidential election.

Now the national #MeToo spotlight is turning back to Trump and his past conduct. Several of his accusers are urging Congress to investigate his behavior, and a number of Democratic lawmakers are demanding his resignation.

With each day seeming to bring new headlines that force men from positions of power, the movement to expose sexual harassment has forced an unwelcome conversation on the White House. In a heated exchange with reporters in the White House briefing room on Monday, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders steadfastly dismissed accusations against the Republican president and suggested the issue had already been litigated in Trump’s favor on Election Day.

But to Trump’s accusers, the rising #MeToo movement is an occasion to ensure he is at last held accountable.

“It was heartbreaking last year. We’re private citizens and for us to put ourselves out there to try and show America who this man is and how he views women, and for them to say, ‘Eh, we don’t care,’ it hurt,” Samantha Holvey said Monday. The former beauty queen claimed that Trump ogled her and other Miss America pageant contestants in their dressing room in 2006.

“Let’s try round two,” she said. “The environment’s different. Let’s try again.”

Holvey was one of four women to make her case against Trump on Monday, both in an NBC interview and then in a news conference. Rachel Crooks, a former Trump Tower receptionist who said the celebrity businessman kissed her on the mouth in 2006 without consent, called for Congress to “put aside party affiliations and investigate Trump’s history of sexual misconduct.”

“If they were willing to investigate Sen. Franken, it’s only fair that they do the same for Trump,” Crooks said.

Franken, the Democratic senator from Minnesota, announced last week that he would resign amid an ethics probe into accusations that he sexually harassed several women. Reps. John Conyers, D-Mich., and Trent Franks, R-Ariz., also resigned after misconduct accusations.

But a Capitol Hill investigation into Trump’s conduct appears unlikely. The Senate and House Ethics Committees investigate members of Congress, not presidents, and Republican-led committees are not apt to investigate Trump on sexual misconduct unless there is some sort of connection to the ongoing Russia probe.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Congress shouldn’t investigate the allegations against Trump.
“I don’t think there’s any forum for us to do that,” he said. “Just think about how that could be abused.”

Nonetheless, several Democratic senators have seized the moment and called for Trump to step down.

“President Trump should resign,” New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told CNN on Monday. “These allegations are credible; they are numerous. I’ve heard these women’s testimony, and many of them are heartbreaking.”

New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker and Oregon Sen. Jeff Merkley have also called on Trump to resign.
White House aides have warily watched the movement sweep Capitol Hill, opting to repeat rote denials about allegations against the president. The president’s advisers were stunned Sunday when one of the highest-ranking women in the Trump administration broke with the White House line and said the accusers’ voices “should be heard.”

“They should be heard, and they should be dealt with,” Nikki Haley, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said in a CBS interview. “And I think we heard from them before the election. And I think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way, they have every right to speak up.”

Haley’s comments infuriated the president, according to two people who are familiar with his views but who spoke on condition of anonymity because they aren’t authorized to speak publicly about private conversations. Trump has grown increasingly angry in recent days that the accusations against him have resurfaced, telling associates that the charges are false and drawing parallels to the accusations facing Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Sixteen women have come forward with a range of accusations against Trump, many after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape last October in which Trump was caught on an open microphone bragging about groping women. One woman, Summer Zevos, a contestant on Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” sued, contending that Trump’s denials of her accusations amount to false and defamatory statements.

Jessica Leeds, who appeared at Monday’s news conference, recalled sitting on an airplane next to Trump in the 1970s when he began to fondle her.

“All of a sudden, he’s all over me. Kissing and groping, groping and kissing,” she said. “Nothing was said. It was just this silent groping going on.”

Trump denied the allegations during the campaign, and Sanders did the same Monday.

“Look, as the president said himself, he thinks it’s a good thing that women are coming forward, but he also feels strongly that a mere allegation shouldn’t determine the course,” Sanders said. “And again, the American people knew this and voted for the president. And we feel like we’re ready to move forward in that process.”

Sanders declined to say whether she believed the accusers or if she herself had been the victim of harassment. She grew impatient with the repeated questions and pledged to provide a list of eyewitnesses whose accounts exonerated the president.

The White House did not provide the list by late Monday.

Obviously, Tavis Smiley must be guilty. What woman would let that bubble-headed lightweight touch her?

From The Times of the City of Our Lady of the Angels:

From the AP:

Mr. Simmons: "all of my relations have been consensual."

Russell, Russell, Russell...you know darn well you can't choose your relatives.

Did you ever wonder why "Frida" was such a lousy movie?

Harvey Weinstein: The creep that keeps on creeping.

From the Chicago Tribune:

In one of the most vivid accounts yet of Harvey Weinstein's alleged abuse and harassment, Salma Hayek says the disgraced movie mogul turned the making of her 2002 passion project, the Frida Kahlo biopic "Frida," into a nightmare after the actress refused Weinstein's relentless advances.

"For years, he was my monster," Hayek wrote in an op-ed published Wednesday by The New York Times.

Her refusals — of massages, showers and sex — enraged him, she wrote. "I don't think he hated anything more than the word 'no,'" wrote Hayek.

Hayek, who regularly starred in films released by Weinstein's Miramax in the 1990s, credited Weinstein with helping her start her career. But she said that the movie mogul would turn up at her door "at all hours of the night, hotel after hotel, location after location."

When Hayek brought "Frida," which she was producing, to Miramax to distribute, Weinstein made outrageous demands as payback. Hayek said he insisted on rewrites, more financing and, most heinously to her, a sex scene with full frontal nudity. He even threatened to kill her, she said.

In order to finish what was a labor of love for Hayek, she agreed. But she said she had a nervous breakdown while shooting the scene. "My body wouldn't stop crying and convulsing," wrote Hayek.

"It was not because I would be naked with another woman," she wrote. "It was because I would be naked with her for Harvey Weinstein."

Even still, Weinstein initially refused to give the movie a theatrical release. He eventually relented after pressure from director Julie Taymor and Hayek. It went on to gross $56.3 million worldwide and land six Oscar nominations, winning two.

In a statement through a spokesperson Wednesday, Weinstein denied Hayek's depiction of their relationship and said the battles on "Frida" were "creative friction."

"All of the sexual allegations as portrayed by Salma are not accurate and others who witnessed the events have a different account of what transpired," said the statement.

"Mr. Weinstein does not recall pressuring Salma to do a gratuitous sex scene with a female costar and he was not there for the filming," read the statement. "However, that was part of the story, as Frida Kahlo was bisexual and the more significant sex scene in the movie was choreographed by Ms. Hayek with Geoffrey Rush."
Dozens of women have accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, and numerous women have said he raped them. Weinstein, who is currently under investigation for sexual assault in four cities, has denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex.

"Why do so many of us, as female artists, have to go to war to tell our stories when we have so much to offer? Why do we have to fight tooth and nail to maintain our dignity?" concluded Hayek in her op-ed. "I think it is because we, as women, have been devalued artistically to an indecent state, to the point where the film industry stopped making an effort to find out what female audiences wanted to see and what stories we wanted to tell."


Meanwhile...another fake conservative bites the dust...

From the San Antonio Express-News:

What? Alleged buggery is alleged abuse? Who knew?

BTW, whatever happened to that male whore who lived with Barney Frank? I'll bet ol' Barney is glad she got out of Congress before her shit hit the fan.

SEX IS DEATH. (Part 123: #HimToo Crossover Episode!)

I came to Carthage, where I found myself in the midst of a hissing cauldron of lusts. I had not yet fallen in love, but I was in love with the idea of it, and this feeling that something was missing made me despise myself for not being more anxious to satisfy the need. I began to look around for some object for my love, since I badly wanted to love something.

 — St. Augustine, Confessions

Lawmaker who spun history of heroics ends life in suicide - Washington's other other newspaper ...

How about Romans 6:23 for Mr. Johnson's epitaph? "The wages of sin is death."

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Kentucky lawmaker’s resume included enough material for an award-winning memoir: He was a peacekeeper at the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles, a White House chaplain to three presidents and a 9/11 first responder who gave last rites (WTF?) to hundreds of people at Ground Zero.

What exactly are last rites for heretics? I know what the Catholic rites are. I have a strong feeling that Mr. Johnson is full of regrets (to say the least) now that he knows The Truth.

But Republican Dan Johnson’s carefully crafted history crumbled this week following an extensively reported story from the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. The story tore down his claims and portrayed him as a con man whose deceptions propped up his ministry of a church of outcasts in Louisville and hid a sinister secret: a sexual assault allegation from a 17-year-old girl.

Johnson denied it all, declaring his innocence from the pulpit of the church where he was the self-appointed “pope.” (He kept moving his reservation in Hell to lower and lower circles.) By Wednesday night, he was dead, his body found on the side of a secluded road with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Rock bottom. Let us hope he was insane as well, for the sake of his immortal soul.

The death of the 57-year-old jolted Republican leaders, who were already struggling with a sexual harassment scandal that toppled the state’s first GOP House speaker in nearly 100 years plus three other Republican committee chairmen. Most in the party had already turned their back on Johnson, calling for his resignation following the sexual assault allegation and his history of posting racist photos on Facebook that depicted President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama as monkeys.

By Thursday, many were offering messages of sympathy while acknowledging Johnson’s complex life.

“He was passionate about others, I saw it often yet he needed help himself,” GOP state Rep. Jim DuPlessis, who sat beside Johnson on the House floor, posted on Twitter.

Johnson’s wife, Rebecca Johnson, said her husband was the victim of a “high-tech lynching” and announced she would run to replace him in the Legislature.

Actually, madam, it was a gunshot wound to the head, complicated by a false religion that offers no hope to sinners. 

Elected in 2016, he was part of a wave of Republican victories that gave the GOP a majority in the Kentucky House for the first time in nearly 100 years. But before that, he was the pastor of Heart of Fire Church in Louisville, which prided itself on welcoming “real people.”

“It was a biker church, so there was lots of leather jackets, lots of long hair and people that if you ran into them on the street, you might have a different first impression,” said David Adams, a political operative who worked with Johnson on his campaign.

On the church’s website, Johnson claimed to have healed sick people during a visit to South America in 1991, including the incredible story of raising a woman from the dead. The miracles were detailed in a letter from David Fischer, pastor of a church in California. Fischer told the investigative reporting center that he did not witness those events and could not point the agency to anyone who had.

Shame, shame, shame.

On his financial disclosure forms, Johnson listed his only source of income as workers compensation from the state of New York. He said that money was from injuries he sustained while working as a chaplain immediately following the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. But the reporting center, after a seven-month effort, could find no evidence that Johnson was in New York that day.

In a Facebook message posted hours before his death, Johnson hinted that he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder relating to what he witnessed in New York, details that he shared with friends through the years, including Republican state Sen. Dan Seum.

“He struggled with that. I know he did. The fact it was so horrific that he was involved in praying over these people,” Seum said. “I believed him. I had no reason not to.”

The sexual assault allegation came from Maranda Richmond, a former member of Johnson’s church. Richmond told the reporting center she was spending the night at Johnson’s house on New Year’s Eve 2012 when she awoke several hours after midnight to find Johnson standing over her. She said he stuck his tongue in her mouth and put his hands down her pants and into her vagina. She said she begged him to stop and eventually he did.

The Associated Press does not generally identify victims who report sexual assault but is doing so because Richmond has gone public with her story.

Richmond’s public comments match what she told police two years ago, according to police documents obtained by the reporting center. In 2013, police investigated the matter, including a secretly recorded phone call between Johnson and Richmond’s father. But a detective later closed the case, saying Richmond refused to cooperate. Richmond denied that.

As a result of the center’s reporting, the Louisville Metro Police Department re-opened its investigation.

Johnson held a news conference Tuesday at his church, denying the allegations with his wife by his side. He said he would not resign, calling the accusations part of a strategy to attack conservative Republicans nationwide. He saved his criticism for the media, saying he did not “want to blast this girl. I have compassion for .. I’m very sorrowful she is in this dark place in her life.”

Well, if the Orange Stain can call itself "conservative" I guess any thing can.

The reporting center interviewed people who were at the Rodney King riots and spoke with an expert on religious faith and the presidency. All of them said Johnson’s claims were false.
He insisted it was all true.

“This whole piece was so outrageous. It was as though I had never lived or never done anything I had ever done,” he told reporters.

At the end of the news conference, a reporter asked if he had ever raised anyone from the dead. Johnson stopped, turned to face the journalist and said, “God has,” before walking out of the pulpit for the final time.

That was one bold blasphemer.

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Cal Thomas and Abe Lincoln aren't my favorites, but they'll do.

Personally, I think it is a waste of breath trying to get protestants to live real Christianity instead of the shit they make up every day to justify whatever sin they happen to be enjoying at the time, but I am not permitted to believe in invincible ignorance, so...

I'd like to think the following thinking did some good yesterday in Alabama and helped 22,000 Alabamians write in a name other than that of one of the two major-party fascist perverts.

The Choice In Alabama for Christians

No king but Caesar

By Cal Thomas

In September 1862, a group of Chicago ministers sent a “memorial” (or long letter) to President Abraham Lincoln in which they made a theological argument for the elimination of slavery.
Lincoln had also heard from Southern clergy who used the same scriptures to justify slavery’s preservation.

In response, Lincoln wrote the Chicago group with words that today’s Christians might consider when it comes to matters involving sexual harassment and the setting aside of moral and biblical principles to achieve temporary political goals.

“I am approached with the most opposite opinions and advice, and that by religious men, who are equally certain that they represent the Divine will. I am sure that either the one or the other class is mistaken in the belief, and perhaps in some respects both. I hope it will not be irreverent for me to say that if it is probable that God would reveal his will to others, on a point so connected with my duty, it might be supposed he would reveal it directly to me; for, unless I am more deceived in myself than I often am, it is my earnest desire to know the will of Providence in this matter. And if I can learn what it is I will do it! These are not, however, the days of miracles, and I suppose it will be granted that I am not to expect a direct revelation. I must study the plain physical facts of the case, ascertain what is possible and learn what appears to be wise and right. The subject is difficult, and good men do not agree.”

Lincoln eventually made the right decision that culminated in The Emancipation Proclamation. The divided nation shed much blood over slavery, and the fallout from that war continues today in racial conflict.

I have listened to arguments on both sides of the sexual harassment issue by “good men” (and women). There are those who believe allegations of sexual harassment of teens and young women by Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore are sufficient to deny him a seat in the Senate. Others say that maintaining a 52-seat Republican majority is critical to advancing President Trump’s agenda, which includes seating more conservative judges on federal benches. This, they say, supersedes what Moore may or may not have done 40 years ago.

By cleaning house (and the Senate) of their own bad boys, many Democrats think they will gain a previously hidden moral authority to win back the House and impeach President Trump for his alleged past (and they believe more recent) misdeeds.

The Democrats’ agenda might be true, but for evangelical Christians should either argument matter more than the King and Kingdom they are supposed to serve?

Some biblical wisdom might be instructive. In the Old Testament, Esau sold his birthright to his brother Jacob for a bowl of soup. He later regretted his decision, but at the time he was hungry and said his birthright meant little to him.

In the ultimate church-state moment where the crowd was forced to choose between demanding that Pilate give the order to crucify Jesus of Nazareth, or let Him go, there was this sobering exchange:
Pilate: “Shall I crucify your king?”

The chief priests: “We have no king but Caesar.” (John 19:15)

As then, today’s “chief priests” and church members are being asked to make a choice. One choice might give short-term satisfaction, as Esau experienced with his temporarily filled stomach, but it leads to a loss of credibility in the eyes of the world. It demonstrates that for Christians attaining earthly and temporal power is paramount.

Another verse that might help evangelicals: “Choose this day whom you will serve.” (Joshua 24:15).

Bob Dylan contemporized it this way: “Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord, but you’re gonna have to serve somebody.”

It’s time to choose.

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